What is Areca Seed Eye Fighting Chicken? How to Identify and Care for Areca Eyed Chickens

Areca nut-eyed fighting cocks are a breed of fighting chickens that have great strength and often win duels. How to identify this breed of chicken is usually quite simple. So do you want to learn about this fighting chicken breed? Let’s explore with bookmaker New88 Today about areca nut-eyed fighting cocks and how to take care of them.

What is areca nut eye fighting cock?

Areca nut-eyed fighting chicken is a fighting chicken breed known in the fighting chicken farming community for its outstanding and highly appreciated characteristics. The name Areca Eye comes from the characteristic characteristics of this type of chicken. They have small and bright eyes, similar in shape and size to areca nuts.

Outstanding features

  • Appearance: Areca-eyed fighting cocks often have a balanced body, strongly developed muscles, giving them a heroic and strong appearance. Areca-shaped eyes, bright and clear, are the most recognizable feature.
  • Personality: This type of chicken is often very brave and decisive. They have quick reflexes and powerful and precise attacks, making them formidable opponents in battle.
  • Fighting skills: Areca nut-eyed fighting cocks are famous for their excellent fighting skills. They often use agility and good reflexes to defeat their opponents.

Characteristics of identifying fighting cocks with areca nut eyes

Areca nut-eyed fighting cock is a special breed of fighting cock, which can be recognized by the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Eyes: The most recognizable feature is their eyes, which resemble areca nuts in size and shape. Eyes are usually small, bright and clear, creating a sharp and decisive look.
  • Body: Areca nut-eyed fighting cocks usually have a well-proportioned and strong body. Muscles are well developed, showing strength and flexibility.
  • Personality: They are famous for their strong, brave and determined personality. Their agility and good reflexes make them formidable opponents.
  • Plumage: Areca-eyed fighting cocks have plumage of many different colors, but usually have bright and shiny plumage.
  • Fighting skills: The fighting skills of this type of chicken are also very special, with powerful and accurate attacks.

How to take care of areca nut-eyed fighting cocks from a cocker

Despite having good genetic characteristics, a cock’s success depends not only on genes but also on appropriate training and nutrition. Experienced cock breeders and trainers say that proper raising and training can make an important contribution, accounting for about 30-50%, in creating the cock’s success in matches. .

Building an ideal digital environment for fighting cocks

To take good care of areca nut-eyed fighting chickens, breeders need to create a safe, quiet and separate living space, avoiding conflicts with other types of chickens. It is also important to establish a daily routine, which includes bathing the chickens every morning and feeding them on time.

Regarding the diet, you should focus on providing lots of green vegetables so that chickens can maintain a healthy weight. At the same time, worms, shrimp and organic food should be added to the daily diet, along with a small amount of rice, to ensure they are fully and balancedly nourished.

Training tips for areca nut-eyed fighting cocks

Training areca nut-eyed fighting chickens often requires special methods compared to conventional chicken breeds. Here are some basic training methods:

  • Fighting cocks need to practice activities such as running, walking, jumping high and even wearing leg weights to increase strength, reaction speed and flexibility. During practice, the owner can use another chicken to simulate fighting, helping the fighting chickens practice their fighting skills.
  • Another training technique is to use rocks to stimulate fighting cocks, helping them develop attacking skills. This method not only helps owners better understand the fighting style of chickens, but also helps create a training program suitable for each chicken.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the individual characteristics of each fighting cock, whether offensive or defensive ability, to build the most appropriate and effective training plan.

Combining these training strategies with a good care and feeding regimen will help maximize the potential of each cock.


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