Instructions on How to Play Mau Binh Game to Win for Players

Mau Binh GameThe game has never stopped being hot in the online betting community. Although it is a game that is considered easy to play, without effective betting tips, new players cannot win big. Therefore, the following article New88 today will share with you the most effective card playing skills.

Introducing the game Mau Binh

Mau Binh, also known as Gray Binh Xap, is a popular card game that combines both intellectual and artistic elements. This name comes from the Chinese word meaning “Thap Tam”, meaning Thirteen. In this type of entertainment, there will be from 2 to 4 participants, each of whom will be dealt 13 Western cards.

Arranging the cards into 3 Branches – First, Middle and Last – depends on the betting ability and strategy of the bettor. Winning this game is not easy, requiring bettors to have logical thinking, good observation ability along with advanced card arranging art.

Mau Binh is also commonly known by another name, Binh Xap Xam

Instructions for playing Mau Binh NEW88 game for new players

When participating in the Mau Binh game, you will experience many different emotions, from the thrill of confrontation to the joy of victory. To help you participate in betting effectively and beat your opponents, below are some detailed instructions:

  • At the beginning of the match, each player will receive 13 cards and must arrange them into 3 different suits. The first and next hands will have 5 cards, while the last hand will only have 3 cards. Think carefully to create the strongest “squads” for each branch
  • Before starting to bet, players will have about 90 seconds to think and arrange their cards according to their strategy. Take advantage of this time to build a reasonable playing strategy and take precautions against unforeseen situations.
  • After completing the card arrangement, each bettor will have 5 seconds to check and compare the pairs of hands with their opponents. The player with the stronger pair of cards will take the top position without comparing cards. In case both participants have an equal pair of cards, they will deal an additional “Chicken” to decide the winner.

Tips for playing the Mau Binh game to win all the victories

Below are the betting strategies players should keep in mind to participate in Mau Binh card games more effectively:

Firmly grasp the rules of Mau Binh at NEW88

To be proficient in the game Mau Binh, mastering the rules of the game is extremely important. This is the foundation that helps you feel confident when participating in the “battle” with your opponents. If the bettor does not clearly understand the rules of the game, defeating the opponent will certainly be much more difficult. Therefore, carefully understanding the rules of the game not only helps you avoid being deceived but also easily adjusts your strategy flexibly when making your moves.

To be proficient in the Mau Binh card game, you need to master the rules of the game

Keep a stable mentality when betting on Mau Binh game NEW88

In this type of prize-winning entertainment, keeping a stable mentality is essential for bettors. By remaining calm and steady, you will be highly appreciated for your card playing skills. A stable mentality helps bettors make wise decisions, build effective playing strategies and avoid psychological traps that opponents can use to deceive them.

To maintain a stable mentality when playing, you can clearly define your playing goals and manage your own capital for betting. Most importantly, learn and practice the rules and regulations of the game carefully Mau Binh game thoroughly. This will help bettors be more confident and certain in each hand.
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Apply more than one betting strategy to card games

To become a Mau Binh expert, you don’t just use a single tactic, but use many different tactics. If the opponent bets only based on a single strategy, getting caught will become easy and the opponent can easily defeat you. To ensure flexibility and diversity in tactics, you can combine Three Poker Boxes, Three Knife Cards, Player Poker Boxes….

Furthermore, don’t focus too much on a particular limb. If the last two hands are not taken care of carefully, your hand can become unbalanced and easily exploited by your opponents. Therefore, arrange your cards flexibly, dividing your strength and strategy equally among all three branches to maintain balance and increase your chances of winning.

You should apply more than one Mau Binh game betting strategy


Hopefully, through the information shared above, you will understand how to bet on Mau Binh NEW88 game in the most effective way. The betting tips compiled in the article will definitely help bettors increase their chances of winning big when betting.

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