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Election crab ku bet has been gradually progressing into forms of human hemorrhoid relief. With an eye-catching interface and diverse colors, it attracts many young people today.

Overview of Bau Cua Kubet 

Although the game has been upgraded and changed, it still basically follows the traditional way of playing Bau Cua. Built on the image of 6 mascots that everyone knows: gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, chicken, deer appearing on 6 sides of the dice.

With the premise built on traditional rules, it is certainly not strange to everyone. Register, log in and enjoy the fun with Bau CuaKubet any.

Election crab Kubet 

This game brings a new feeling to players. With many attractive forms of betting and promotions. The house has created a number of different playing rules so it is sure that the experience for players is always interesting. Players will bring curiosity and a desire to learn when participating in betting. And the positive feedback from many bettors has contributed to creating great attraction.

Why should you choose to play Bau Cua? Kubet

From the traditional form, it has now been improved and upgraded to an online version that has been built by your team without losing authenticity but also adding diversity and creativity with many new game rules added. And as long as you are connected to the internet, you can participate in betting at any time.

Rules of Bau Cua game Kubet

With the rules created by the house being very diverse, in addition, it still retains the traditional rules that people have been playing since ancient times. Come to Bau CuaKubet Players are always given priority to experience the newest and most prestigious things. Simple and easy to play, suitable for all ages.

Players can bet on 3 different mascots on their bet. Do not use external support devices or software to interfere with the results of the bet. Bettors must comply with the rules set by the house. DealerKubet reserves the right to change the rules of the game without prior notice to participating players.

Basic game rules

How to play Bau CuaKubet Similar to the traditional form of betting that everyone knows. The game does not limit players to participate, players can freely choose which betting hall suits them best to place bets.

Bettors only need to place their bets in 6 boxes representing 6 animals, which are 6 bets. Minimum bet limit and no maximum bet limit. In the lobby, there are different high and low betting levels. Players who want to try can go to higher levels to participate.
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How to calculate Bau Cua points Kubet

Players who have a winning bet will receive the bet at a ratio of 1:1. When the dice appear 2 mascots that you choose to bet on, the bonus amount will double. Similarly, if 3 identical mascots appear and you choose them, the prize money will be multiplied by 3 times. You must clearly understand the scoring rules to be able to earn the largest profit.

Tips for playing Bau CuaKubet always win by the masters Kubet

Besides the rules set for players, with the experts atKubet There are always tricks and tricks to get the biggest winning rate for yourself. Below are a few tips they have revealed so that everyone can have the best equipment when participating in risky betting games like this.

Comply with the laying method 

You must have your own betting method, or because 1 or 2 games do not get the desired result, you change the route from the beginning. You may lose a few games, but in the remaining games you will definitely get back your losses and make a profit. The main method is to increase your own winning rate higher and you can believe that you can get even more profits.

Pay attention to your opponents 

In every game they participate in, in order to win, many factors must be combined. Luck is just one of them, not all of them. One thing we need to pay attention to is observing our opponents play. Observing how they play, how much money they bet, and how they play will also determine your win or loss, so don’t underestimate this.

Know when to stop

Most players play these betting games to earn profits. Everyone wants to make a big profit out of a small capital, but they absolutely cannot sink deep into the game. When you are profitable, you must know where to stop, and should not go beyond the safe threshold that you set from the beginning. No one knows how much you will lose. Only you know what to do when you achieve the most desired result.


Election crabKubet always the best choice for bettors. Diverse, attractive, huge profits. What are you waiting for? Try your hand right away with the bookmaker Kubet.

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