Instructions for playing the 36-number lottery for 3 days for new players

The 36-number lottery pattern for 3 days is one of the most popular and chosen lottery playing methods by players. Suitable for both new and experienced players. In this article, Hi88 will share some useful strategies and knowledge to help players have the most general overview and apply a How effective is this strategy?

Find out what the 36-number 3-day frame is?

Is a set of 36 different numbers from 00 to 99, then players will apply techniques and experience in prediction. Provide the most accurate analysis to choose this special number. The final step is that players only need to bet on those 36 numbers in 3 consecutive spins.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing 36-number lottery for 3 days

Here are some strengths and limitations of using this strategy:


High winning rate: The 36-number lottery is considered to have a very high winning rate, and the possibility of winning is up to 80%. Choosing multiple numbers in a lottery increases the coverage of the numbers, thereby increasing the chance of winning.

Flexible investment costs: Players do not need to invest a large amount of capital. Dividing the investment amount into multiple numbers helps players have better control and avoid big risks if they unfortunately do not win the lottery.

Diversity of beautiful bridges: The 36-number lottery brings a variety of beautiful bridges. Players have the opportunity to choose from many different predictions, thereby increasing their ability to predict accurately and improve prediction techniques.


Interest rate is not high: Although the winning rate seems high, the interest rate earned from the 36-number lottery spread over 3 days is usually not as high as when applying the two-player or two-player strategy. The dispersion of capital reduces interest rates.

Requires patience and perseverance: Players need to be more patient and persistent when applying the 36-number lottery strategy. Having to track and analyze many numbers at the same time requires calmness and clarity during play.

Complexity in calculation: Managing many numbers at the same time requires the lottery player to calculate meticulously and logically.

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Simple instructions for creating a 36-number lottery for 3 days

There are many ways to create a 36-number lottery and lottery players can refer to some of the following methods to create standard 3-day lottery numbers like a master:

Set up a 36-number lottery for 3 days from 0 to 5

This 36-number pattern is created from pairing numbers from 0 to 5. For example, the pattern may include numbers such as:

03,04,05,00,01,02,10,11,12,20,21,22,13,14,15,23,24,25,33,34,35,30, 31,32,40,41,42,50,51,52,43,44,45,53,54,55.

Set up a 36-number lottery for 3 days from numbers 1 to 6

This problem pattern is created from pairing numbers from 1 to 6, for example:


Set up a 36-number lottery for 3 days from numbers 2 to 7

This outline will contain numbers from 2 to 7. For example:


Set up a 36-number lottery from 3 to 8

This outline will have numbers from 3 to 8, such as:


Set up a 36-number lottery for 3 days from number 4 to number 9

This array will contain numbers from 4 to 9. For example:


Set up a 36-number lottery for 3 days, omitting doubles and even endings

Another way to create an outline is to choose numbers that do not overlap and have even endings. Eg:


Set up a set of 36 numbers with double and odd endings

Similarly, players can create a lottery by choosing unique numbers with odd endings, such as:



Hopefully, with the above information about the 36-number 3-day lottery, you can understand the details of this strategy and have the most effective way to play. Wishing players to win big and take home valuable gifts.

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