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Industry-Changing LiDAR Technology from Benewake: AD2-S-X3

At the forefront of technological innovation stands Benewake, renowned for its groundbreaking AD2-S-X3 LiDAR technology. This article explores how Benewake is promoting industries with its advanced LiDAR solutions.

Unraveling the Technological Marvel

Precision Redefined: Delving into 256 Lines and Ultra-High Resolution

Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 LiDAR boasts an impressive 256 lines and ultra-high resolution, setting new standards for precision. This advancement allows for unparalleled accuracy in capturing intricate details, making it a preferred choice across various sectors.

Environmental Adaptability: The Game-Changing Active Light Source Perception

A hallmark feature of Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 LiDAR is its active light source perception, operating at 905nm. This innovative approach ensures consistent sensing capabilities, even in challenging environmental conditions. Benewake’s LiDAR excels where others struggle, providing reliable performance in any scenario.

Transforming Industry Applications

Intelligent Transportation: Highways, Railways, Civil Aviation, and More

From busy highways to expansive railway networks and the skies of civil aviation, Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 LiDAR is transforming intelligent transportation systems. Its real-time target detection and tracking capabilities enhance safety and efficiency across diverse transportation infrastructures.

Beyond Traditional Boundaries: LiDAR’s Role in Mining Trucks and Exploration

Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 LiDAR extends its applications beyond conventional boundaries, particularly in mining trucks and exploration. With unparalleled visibility and data collection capabilities, it empowers industries to explore new frontiers with confidence and precision.


In summary, Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 LiDAR technology represents a paradigm shift in the industry. Its precision, adaptability, and diverse applications are reshaping various sectors, from transportation to exploration. Experience the future of LiDAR technology with Benewake today.

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