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Elevate Quality Control with Pharmapack’s Vision Inspection Machine

Pharmapack, a leading provider in the manufacturing industry, introduces the cutting-edge PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine. This state-of-the-art vision inspection machine is designed to revolutionize quality control processes in the pharmaceutical industry. With its advanced camera detection capabilities, the PIM-60 ensures the accurate identification of foreign matter, impurities, liquid levels, cracks in bottle bodies, and cap conformity to filling requirements. Let’s explore the remarkable features and functions of this innovative solution below.

Function and Purpose of the PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine

The PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine is specifically designed to detect and analyze the quality of various pharmaceutical bottles, including sylin bottles, ampoules, and oral liquid bottles. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, this machine performs a thorough inspection to ensure adherence to filling requirements. Bottles that meet the specifications are either sent to the receiving tray of qualified products or seamlessly transferred to the next stage of production. Any bottles that fall short of the required standards are promptly rejected, maintaining the highest level of quality control.


Pharmapack’s Vision Inspection Machine, the PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine, revolutionizes quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. With its exceptional functions, such as camera detection and rejection of non-compliant bottles, and remarkable features like a user-friendly interface, compliance with industry regulations, international standard compliance, and advanced monitoring capabilities, the PIM-60 empowers manufacturers to maintain the highest level of product quality. By investing in Pharmapack’s visionary solutions, pharmaceutical companies can streamline their quality control processes, reduce defects, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the competition with Pharmapack’s state-of-the-art technology.

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