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Efficient Monitoring and Compliance with Hoymiles DTU-Pro-S: Power-Packed Performance for PV Systems

Hoymiles presents the DTU-Pro-S, a high-performance data transfer unit designed to revolutionize the monitoring capabilities of PV systems. With its impressive power consumption specifications of Typ. 1.0W / Max. 5.0W and a monitoring capacity of up to 99 PV modules, the DTU-Pro-S ensures efficient and comprehensive data collection. Additionally, this cutting-edge device complies with key industry standards such as CE, FCC, IC, RCM, and Anatel. This article explores the features and benefits of the Hoymiles DTU-Pro-S, emphasizing its power-packed performance and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Power-Packed Performance and Low Power Consumption

The Hoymiles DTU-Pro-S delivers power-packed performance while maintaining low power consumption. With a typical power consumption of 1.0W and a maximum power consumption of 1.5-3.0W, this data transfer unit ensures efficient energy management. The DTU-Pro-S optimizes power usage without compromising on its data collection capabilities, allowing PV system owners to monitor their installations effectively while minimizing energy consumption.

Monitoring Capacity for Large PV Systems

The DTU-Pro-S offers an impressive monitoring capacity of up to 99 PV modules. This robust capacity makes it suitable for large-scale PV systems, accommodating a significant number of modules within a single monitoring framework. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or utility-scale installations, the DTU-Pro-S enables users to comprehensively monitor and manage their PV systems, ensuring optimal performance and maximum energy production.

Regulatory Compliance for Peace of Mind

Hoymiles prioritizes regulatory compliance, and the DTU-Pro-S adheres to key industry standards including CE, FCC, IC, RCM, and Anatel. These certifications signify the device’s compliance with safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and wireless communication regulations. By choosing the DTU-Pro-S, users can have peace of mind knowing that their PV system monitoring is conducted within the guidelines and requirements set by industry authorities.


The Hoymiles DTU-Pro-S sets a new standard for efficient monitoring and compliance in the PV systems industry. With its power-packed performance and low power consumption, the DTU-Pro-S ensures optimal energy management. Its impressive monitoring capacity of up to 99 PV modules accommodates large-scale installations, while its compliance with CE, FCC, IC, RCM, and Anatel regulations guarantees adherence to industry standards. By selecting the Hoymiles DTU-Pro-S, users gain a powerful, reliable, and compliant data transfer unit that maximizes the monitoring capabilities of their PV systems.

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