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Optimize Your Cooling System with the DC2008 Micro Blower by YCCFAN

Introducing the innovative DC2008 Micro Blower by YCCFAN, a versatile cooling solution that is synonymous with efficiency and reliability. This compact yet powerful DC blower fan is designed to enhance airflow and temperature regulation in various applications.

Advanced Function Options for Enhanced Control

The DC2008 Micro Blower comes equipped with a range of function options including FG, RD, PWM, Auto Restart, and Polarity Protection. These features provide users with the flexibility to tailor the fan’s operation to meet specific cooling requirements, making it an ideal choice for diverse setups.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Constructed with high-quality materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic and PBT UL 94V-0 rated impeller and housing, the DC2008 Micro Blower ensures durability and reliability. When subjected to a wide range of working conditions, the fan’s performance and longevity are both improved by its sturdy design.

Reliable Dielectric Strength for Safe Operation

The DC2008 Micro Blower boasts a dielectric strength of 5mA maximum at 500 VAC 60Hz for one minute between the frame and terminal. This feature underscores the fan’s commitment to safety and reliable electrical performance, providing peace of mind during operation.


In summary, the DC2008 Micro Blower by YCCFAN emerges as a top-tier cooling solution that combines advanced function options, durable construction, and reliable dielectric strength. By integrating this DC blower fan into your cooling system, you can achieve optimized airflow, efficient cooling, and safe operation. Elevate your cooling setup with the DC2008 Micro Blower and experience enhanced temperature control and airflow management for a variety of cooling needs.

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