Hi88 And The Hottest Lucky Betting Ticket Program 2024

Hi88 is the playground with the highest frequency of launching great promotions in the current betting exchange market. Recently, this brand officially announced the lucky betting ticket program for customers. Information about that event is creating great excitement among betting enthusiasts.

What is Hi88 lucky bet ticket?

Lucky bet – the most recently launched event of Asia’s leading entertainment brand. This program promises to bring gamers extremely high value rewards.

Hi88 lucky bet ticket reward rules

Lucky bet This is a promotion for members with valid betting slips. The reward in this program is up to 18,888,000 VND. The rules of the promotion are updated in detail by the house in its system.

Accordingly, players participate in Casino betting Hi 88 will all be given a random transaction ID. If your transaction ending contains the number 8, it will be among the lucky customers, specifically:

  • Tail 88: Give away x1 valid bet, maximum 88 points.
  • Tail 888: Give away x2 valid bets, maximum 188 points.
  • Tail 8888: Give away x3 valid bets, maximum 1888 points.
  • Tail 88888: Give away x10 valid bets, maximum 3888 points.
  • Tail 888888: Give away x30 valid bets, maximum 8888 points.
  • Tail 8888888: Give away x88 valid bets, maximum 18888 points.

Valid betting ticket promotion time

The betting ticket reward program has been applied by Hi88 for a long time. Currently, the event is still taking place on the official playground system in the GMT-4 time zone. This offer will end upon further announcement from the brand.

Subjects applying for lucky bet ticket incentives

Lucky bets are applied to all official customers at this playground, regardless of membership level. Therefore, all gamers participating in the casino (except Evolution and PT) have the right to receive rewards from this offer.

Conditions for receiving lucky bet tickets

Hi88 playground is not too strict in terms of conditions and rules for its members. However, the brand still has to offer some of the following terms regarding lucky bet ticket incentives to create fairness for the system:

  • 1 point in the system corresponds to 1000 VND.
  • Each valid bet must have 100+ points or more.
  • This promotion is only applicable during the day, not the next day.
  • Each gamer can only receive gifts once a day.
  • The offer will not be considered for draw bets, canceled bets, or void bets.
  • The event cannot be applied concurrently with any other promotion at the same time.
  • Players need to complete 1 more round of conditional betting to receive the reward.

The simplest way to receive lucky bet tickets

To receive lucky bet ticket incentives from this continent’s leading playground, do the following:

  • Step 1: Visit the official homepage ofHi88 via the main website.
  • Step 2: Register if you do not have an account or log in when you have been an official member before.
  • Step 3: Deposit money and bet on any game in the casino lobby.
  • Step 4: Select the promotion section and enter the code so that the system will add the bet ticket with the highest score. You can contact the playground’s customer service team for help with this operation.

Lucky bet ticket promotion at Hi88 is taking place very excitingly and receiving the attention of many gamers everywhere. This is your chance to win a ton of bonus points. Just follow the instructions above and members will receive attractive gifts from this brand.

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