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Elevate Your Salon’s Sound System with Panda Plus Hifi Bookshelf Speakers

ESD Acoustic presents the Panda Plus series, a testament to their commitment to creating exceptional high-end home stereo systems. These hifi bookshelf speakers are designed to revolutionize the audio experience in salon settings. With a frequency response of 32-25,000Hz (±3dB) and a size of 540mm (W) * 360mm (D) * 1375mm (H), Panda Plus speakers deliver immersive sound quality and precise imaging. The external cabinet can be custom-tailored to any color, ensuring a seamless integration with your salon’s aesthetic.

Pristine Audio Quality and Accurate Imaging

Panda Plus hifi bookshelf speakers feature patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, guaranteeing exceptional audio quality suitable for high-end home theater speakers. These diaphragms eliminate segmentation and phase distortion, resulting in pristine sound reproduction. The dumbbell-style design, complemented by two 8-inch titanium sandwich bass field coil units, ensures accurate imaging and a wide soundstage. Your salon guests will be captivated by the immersive sound experience, enhancing their enjoyment of movies, music, and live performances.

Customizable External Cabinet for Seamless Integration

ESD Acoustic understands the importance of aesthetics in salon settings. The Panda Plus external cabinet can be customized to any color, allowing you to match the speakers with your salon’s décor. The CNC precision-machined aero-aluminum cabinets not only provide a sleek and elegant appearance but also minimize resonance and vibration, ensuring optimal sound performance. Panda Plus speakers blend seamlessly into your salon environment, creating a harmonious and immersive audio experience for your guests.

Innovative Features for Unmatched Performance

Panda Plus speakers incorporate cutting-edge features to elevate their performance to new heights. The inclusion of AI negative feedback technology enables precise control and optimization of the audio signal, resulting in enhanced clarity and accuracy. With a total weight of 275kg, these speakers are built to deliver powerful and impactful sound, filling your salonwith rich and dynamic audio. The Panda Plus hifi bookshelf speakers are the perfect addition to your salon’s sound system, ensuring an unforgettable sensory experience for your clients.


Panda Plus hifi bookshelf speakers by ESD Acoustic are designed to elevate the sound system in salon settings to new heights. With their patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, eliminating distortion, and providing pristine audio quality, these speakers are ideal for high-end home theater setups. The dumbbell-style design with two 8-inch titanium sandwich bass field coil units ensures accurate imaging and high sensitivity, delivering an immersive sound experience. The customizable external cabinet allows for seamless integration with your salon’s aesthetic, while the innovative features like AI negative feedback technology and precision-machined cabinets set a new industry benchmark. Enhance your salon’s ambiance and create a captivating atmosphere with Panda Plus hifi bookshelf speakers. Elevate your high-end home stereo system and provide your clients with an unmatched audio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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