Betting on 2 Teams to Score: The Smartest Investment Channel

Bet on 2 teams to score is the form chosen by many bettors. If you love attacking football, this type of bet cannot be better for players to get more bonuses. Together New888 Learn more about how to play and experience this bet in the following content.

How to explain the bet on 2 teams to score?

If fans pay attention, bets on both teams to score are known as both teams to score. Players can understand and translate it as predicting that both teams will score in the opponent’s net.

The bet on both to score is currently considered by professional bettors to have great appeal and is gradually becoming popular. Especially with a 5 win or 5 loss result, the bet brings a very “green” feeling.

The betting time can be the first half, the second half (half time) or the entire 90-minute match (full time). The betting odds will naturally change depending on the situation and developments on the field, bettors need to pay close attention.

In theory, a team always has a probability between scoring or not. This means that a bet on both teams to score always has a 50% odds. However, in reality this is not the case and bettors can find the best opportunities through betting to increase the odds higher.

The most common forms when playing bets on 2 teams to score

As mentioned above, this attractive form of betting includes 3 types corresponding to the time of the first half, second half or the entire match. The characteristics of each type will be explained as follows:

  • Bet corresponding to the time in the first half: If in the first 45 minutes, including overtime, both teams score, the person betting on “Yes” will win. In all other cases, betting on “No” is correct.
  • Betting on the second half: The number of minutes played in this form of prediction is from 46 to 90, including second half overtime. According to statistics, the second half is always the time when the match is exciting. more dynamic, more goals happen. Therefore, Odds rewards the same first bet but between the two rounds will be different.
  • Full-match betting: The gameplay is no different from the first or second half, but the time calculated in the bet is the entire match, excluding overtime.

Betting options and how to calculate odds

Odds calculation time can be set differently but basically there are only 2 bets:

  • Yes – “Yes”: Win when both teams have goals in the opponent’s net.
  • No – “No”: Win when only one team scores or the entire match score is 0-0.

The win or loss of the bet is determined when the player’s prediction matches the match result or not. Then, the bet is calculated:

  • Bet Correct > Win the bet: Bonus = Bet capital * Bet bonus odds.
  • Wrong bet > Lose: Lose the exact amount of capital the player has spent.

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Some important and optimal experience when betting on 2 teams to score

Bringing many elements of luck when predicting, the 2 teams to score bet still requires skill from the player to bet. The experiences below can be a useful reference to help players find a winning formula.

The playing style of the head coaches

Every football team bears the mark of its captains, they create a unique playing style. Like clubs with a traditional attacking style of football such as Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool,… they always find ways to control the ball and score goals.

In a match with the presence of these teams, it is easy to score goals. The remaining job for the player is to evaluate the other team’s ability to score a goal.

Play a bet on which 2 teams will score based on their confrontation history and performance

Watching the recent performances of the two teams is very important. If both of them are in good form and score many goals, then the confrontation between them will have many goals from both sides.

In addition, based on the statistical history of the two teams’ confrontation achievements, players can immediately predict the direction. In case 2 teams often score when they meet, immediately think about “Yes” in the bet on 2 teams to score.

Expected lineup of teams when playing bets on 2 teams to score

Not all matches between two teams are the same. With friendly matches and lesser-known cup matches, the head coach will not deploy all his best players.

Monitoring the expected lineup is an important condition to decide whether a bet on 2 teams to score will occur or not. With the nature of tournament matches, the match decides the position and ranking of the two teams, and goals are very likely to happen.

So, bet Bet on 2 teams to score This is an opportunity to invest in bettors who love to attack. Please come New88 Learn more experience and football knowledge to get rich today.

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