789bet – Bookmaker offers attractive promotions in 2024

Programs bookmaker promotions from the game portal 789bet is always one of the attractive promotions launched by the house every day. This is how players receive bonuses and opportunities to increase their capital when participating in online games and betting for rewards. Every product thatNha cai 789BET provide you with the most attractive experiences and promotions.

In this article, we will summarize the latest bookmaker promotions of the year2024 to send to you. These promotions will include conditions for receiving them, so you need to learn and apply them effectively.

789bet – Bookmaker offers promotions and bonuses upon registration

For new players who successfully register an account at 789bet, they will receive a promotion from the house with the opportunity to receive up to 100,000 VND to their main account. This is a promotion that does not require a deposit, you just need to provide full information and successfully authenticate your account.

Players can directly use the bonus to participate in their favorite forms of betting. Especially when you win a bet, you can still withdraw it to your bank account as usual. In addition, the house also gives money, watches or phones to new players.

Normally all members who join validly for the first time will receive a bonus. To do this, first go to the house’s homepage. Then select “Register”, enter information into the form and complete. Then your account will be automatically credited with money, giving you the opportunity to earn more income from the money provided by the house.

Get a bonus when you deposit money for the first time at the house

You will receive the reward when 789bet deposit first time at the house according to the information below. You will receive up to nearly 5 million, 100% of the card value loaded directly into your main account. You need to play enough rounds as prescribed by the house to be able to withdraw money from your game account to your bank account.

Normally reputable bookmakers Promotion only applies 24 hours from the first deposit. You need to click on the reward section and register to receive the reward from the house via switchboard information, text fanpage or email. If you have not received your reward within 24 hours, the reward will be permanently revoked. In particular, players need to complete a total of 18 bets.

This is a program that does not apply in conjunction with other promotions. Therefore, you can only use it once for 1 account. If the house suspects that someone is using multiple accounts with the same owner, the house will lock the account and will not receive any other rewards.

Play games on the 789bet app to get up to 2% refund

Currently, the house offers gaming to players directly on the browser and also through gaming applications. However, to encourage players to participate, the house offers unlimited cashback promotions of up to 2% when transacting via the app. Especially applicable to all gaming transactions at the house.

This is a promotion that applies exclusively to players using mobile phones. However, if you play on the browser, you can still receive hundreds of other attractive offers without having to worry about no promotions. To withdraw the bonus, players must complete at least 1 betting round.

The cashback bonus will usually be updated by the house every Wednesday directly into the player’s account. In addition, players who show signs of cheating or have an unclear betting history will not receive these rewards or other promotions from the house.

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Check attendance and receive daily rewards

If you check in every day at the betting lobby of bookmaker 789bet, whether using a mobile application or using software, you can receive a reward of up to 68,000 VND for checking in every day. In particular, if a player bets 500,000 VND or more and has 5 valid betting rounds, they will receive the promotion.

This form of promotion does not apply to lottery forms. Players need to complete 2 betting rounds to be able to withdraw money to their bank account. Players with unclear betting history will not receive 789bet’s promotional rewards.

Bookmaker 789bet besides daily attendance to receive rewards, you can also participate in other bookmaker promotions in parallel with this attendance promotion to receive rewards. In particular, if you do not receive it, it is likely that you have not met all of the dealer’s requirements.

Promotions when participating in online casinos

When players participate in online casino play at 789bet, you will receive this attractive promotion. Applicable subjects: Players participating in the house’s online casino will have the opportunity to participate in promotions.

Accordingly, when players participate in betting at online casinos, they will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. If you win consecutively or lose consecutively, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to 588,000 VND. However, the program only applies when you make the same bet and only applies during the day.

To receive this promotion, players need to complete a bet from 300 points to 300,000 points or more. Tie bets will be recalculated and you will not be able to have a winning or losing streak. Players can only register for the promotion once during the game. After the date, players need to re-register for their promotion.

The bookmaker offers attractive promotions on birthdays

For the player’s birthday, when it arrives, the house will automatically reward the participant based on the player’s deposit history. Accordingly, the house will give away up to more than 2 million VND to players with different bet levels. However, this program may change the offer value or be discontinued at any time. You should update the latest information directly from the house.

This promotion also requires participants to complete 30 days of play and make transactions within the last 30 days to their birthday. Therefore, to ensure your rights to receive promotions, you need to play regularly and make regular transactions at 789bet.

Terms and conditions for receiving promotional rewards

Normally all bookmakers have their own terms and conditions for receiving promotional bonuses. Players are required to meet and comply with the basic rules as well as some of the following regulations of the house:

  • Each player is only allowed to use one account at 789bet to receive the promotion. Each IP address can only have one member register to receive rewards.
  • Players who want to participate in the promotion need to fill in their personal information, phone number, and email address. If there are errors in information, the house has the right to revoke the offer.
  • Fraudulent acts, abusing promotions, taking advantage of loopholes to profit or win bets will all result in account lockout.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to modify, terminate, or withdraw promotions without prior notice.

Above is all the information that we have shared with you bookmaker promotions 789bet. Hopefully the information we share will help you learn and choose the most suitable promotion to participate in receiving rewards.

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